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Ditmar Verwey

Secties: Tenancy and property law, Education law

Ditmar graduated from Utrecht University of Applied Sciences with a bachelor's degree in law. During his studies, he gained a broad knowledge of all aspects of Dutch law. He deepened his knowledge of civil law during the course of his study.

At the same time, he acquired practical experience while working at ARAG Rechtsbijstand. At ARAG, he worked first as a legal assistant and later as a lawyer in the Real Estate practice group. There he worked primarily in the areas of Rent Law, Construction Law and contracting work.

After obtaining his bachelor's degree, Ditmar continued his studies at Tilburg University in 2019. Whilst at university, Ditmar also completed two student traineeships for law firms. Working as a trainee attorney-at-law boosted his appetite and interest in practising law. Ditmar successfully completed his master's degree in Corporate Law in 2022.

He joined Koch Advocaten in April 2022, where he is part of the general practice group.