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Family and inheritance law

The legal side of personal relationships is always sensitive.

Divorce, custody cases, child support proceedings and inheritance? Tact is required here. At the same time, clear communication is crucial for a successful conclusion. Koch Advocaten understands this and is adept at bringing closure in such cases.

Resolving matters once and for all

Are you dealing with an issue where relationships between partners or relationships between family members are at stake? Koch Advocaten's family law specialists can help you find a solution that will enable you to move forward. Now and in the future.

Divorce? What are the possibilities

Koch Advocaten is one of the first firms in the Netherlands to use the collaborative divorce method, supplementing the traditional forms of divorce, including mediation. This method involves two lawyers from different firms working together to reach an amicable settlement for both partners.

Ask our experts

Are you looking for a lawyer specialised in family and inheritance law? Koch Advocaten also has a specialist in this legal field:

They are skilled and driven and will provide you with the best possible assistance in personal and complex situations. Are you interested in finding out how they can help you? Then take a look at their personal page!

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Our family and inheritance law specialists

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