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Administrative law

Goals are not meant to be thwarted by regulations. Nor should regulations stand in the way of achieving those goals.

Entrepreneurs in the SME sector often want more and want it more quickly than the government allows. In the area of tension between achieving your goals and complying with regulations, Koch Advocaten will act as your sparring partner and advisor.

Prevention or conflict situations

We provide practical support in the dialogue with government authorities when it comes to prevention or problematic situations. If a conflict arises, we will represent you in court.

Our administrative law specialists

Are you looking for a lawyer specialised in administrative law? Our specialist Ingeborg Duijts is on hand to assist you! From the outset of her career, she has focused entirely on administrative law and frequently advises private citizens regarding decisions taken by administrative bodies. Please feel free to contact her or read more on specific administrative issues in her blog!

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Our administrative law specialists

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Ingeborg Duijts
Elise Willemse
Lars Rentmeester