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Elise Willemse

Secties: Administrative law, Tenancy and property law

Elise Willemse studied at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She successfully completed her study obtaining her Master's in Private and Criminal Law. While studying at university Elise Willemse gained experience working at various law firms, where her interest and enthusiasm for the legal profession was born.

After completing her studies, Elise Willemse worked as an inhouse lawyer for real estate and land affairs at various municipalities.

Elise Willemse joined Koch Advocaten on 1 September 2018 where she continues to focus on real estate law and administrative law. In these legal fields, Elise Willemse mainly handles cases involving tenancy law, construction law, real estate and spatial planning. 

Thanks to her former work at a government agency and her broad knowledge of the various legal fields, Elise Willemse is able to take a multidisciplinary approach to cases and she is very resourceful when it comes to solving problems.


Master Privaatrecht & Master Strafrecht

Erasmus University Rotterdam