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Tenancy and property law

If there is an area in which conflicting interests are always at issue, it is in the world of property.

Land acquisition, tenders, project developments, construction and renovation, purchase and sale, rental and leasing of property: in the end conflicting interests will arise, always and everywhere.

Legal advice

The dynamics that characterise the property market necessitate the prompt provision of legal advice. You can always count on us to assist you at any stage of your project.

Examples include:

Specialists in tenancy and property law

Are you looking for a lawyer specialised in tenancy and property law? Koch Advocaten has several lawyers specialised in tenancy and property law. Would you like to know who they are and how they work? Then take a look at their personal pages! The following colleagues can assist you with all your rental, leasing and property issues:

Naturally, they all have their own way of working, so there' s a good chance you'll find the lawyer who meets your needs and with whom you are comfortable. They all have one thing in common, however: they are committed to working in your best interests!

Legal issue? Deal with it and move on. Contact us

Our tenancy and property specialists

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John van Baaren
Elise Willemse
Merel Brokx
Ditmar Verwey
Maarten Stassen
Lars Rentmeester