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Employment law

Wherever people work, there will always be chemistry. Mostly positive, but sometimes negative.

As long as the employer and employee share the same goals, they will often consider their rights to be nothing more than a formality. As soon as that changes and an employment dispute arises – or is likely to arise – it is in everyone's interest to prevent escalation and the lengthy procedures that could ensue. This is often easier said than done, however: the laws and regulations governing employment law are complicated.

Employer/ Employee

In order to properly assist both employers and employees, you can engage the expertise of Koch Advocaten to resolve employment disputes in three different ways and at three different times.

Examples of our expertise

Our employment law specialists

Are you looking for a lawyer specialised in employment law? Koch Advocaten has several lawyers specialised in this field:

• Paul Nijmeijer
• Irene van de Kerkhof
• Ingeborg Duijts
• Ed Mulderink
• Merel Brokx
• Daniël Verstraten
• Kirsten Voermans
• Lars Rentmeester

Naturally, they all have their own way of working, so there' s a good chance you'll find the lawyer who meets your needs and with whom you are comfortable. They all have one thing in common, however: they are committed to working in your best interests!

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Our employment law specialists

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Ed Mulderink
Paul Nijmeijer
Irene van de Kerkhof
Ingeborg Duijts
Daniël Verstraten
Merel Brokx
Kirsten Voermans
Lars Rentmeester