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Corporate law

The dream of all entrepreneurs is unimpeded growth.

Entrepreneurial minds are constantly seeking new opportunities. In this search they are often confronted with impediments in a multitude of legal areas. While all they want to do is get on with their business unhindered.

Koch Advocaten will take effective action when you find yourself in a conflict situation. Obviously, however, endeavouring to prevent conflict situations from arising is to be preferred if at all possible. Whether you operate nationally or internationally, you can entrust us with your interests in virtually every conceivable area of law.

Our corporate law specialists

Are you looking for a lawyer specialised in corporate law? Koch Advocaten has several lawyers specialised in corporate law:

Naturally, they all have their own way of working, so there' s a good chance you'll find the lawyer who meets your needs and with whom you are comfortable. They all have one thing in common, however: they are committed to working in your best interests! 

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Our corporate law specialists

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Leo Andriessen
Ed Mulderink
Paul Nijmeijer
John van Baaren
Vincent Veldhuis
Daniël Verstraten
Maarten Stassen
Lars Rentmeester