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+31 76-5226470

Daniël Verstraten

Secties: Employment law, Corporate law

Daniel focuses primarily on employment law and corporate law. He advises various companies and individuals on, for example, liability issues, contracts – including purchase, agency, lease, assignment and works and contractor agreements – and debt collection.

He also handles many disputes relating to the breach of the duty of care by, for example, banks and professionals.

Daniël's style of working is characterised by his drive and ability to provide tailor-made solutions. 


Master Rechtsgeleerdheid

Tilburg University

Recent werk

  • Guidance in disputes relating to the sale of real estate;
  • Assistance with various liability claims of both individuals and companies;
  • Guidance in disputes concerning a defective delivery of a home by a construction company;
  • Guidance in disputes regarding unlawful publications;
  • Guidance in recovering lost revenue from an ICT company due to an insufficiently maintained website;
  • Assistance with the termination of various agreements, including an agency agreement.