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Guido van den Hoven

Guido completed his Bachelor's and Master's in Law at Tilburg University. During his studies, he opted for a broad programme because he believes that legal fields are not separate but that they merge into one another. He has also deepened his knowledge of contract and liability law.

While studying, he gained practical legal experience at the legal advice centre in Tilburg. As a volunteer there, he learned a great deal about how to handle cases and, on top of that, he was granted the opportunity to appear and litigate in court for the first time.

After graduating in 2017, he started working at a large legal expenses insurer, and gained experience in handling cases in the field of contract law there. Later on, personal injury cases were added to his resumé.

And from February 2021, Guido has been working with us at Koch Advocaten as a legal associate! He focuses on the general practice where his extensive and wide-ranging education is a great asset. For Guido, the challenge lies in finding out why a dispute has arisen between parties and then endeavouring to resolve it out of court; that is where the challenge lies.